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Stephanie Hollenberg regularly performs intimate recitals of art song and musical theater, including a monthly residency at Waterstone at the Circle senior living center in Boston. If you’d like to host a recital in your home, school, or company, please reach out on the Contact form.

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Over the holidays Stephanie appears all over town, spreading high quality cheer with Songful Artists, an innovative a cappella group that sings both classic and contemporary arrangements of old favorites.



Stephanie has toured and recorded with UK-renowned singer-songwriter Luke Concannon, known well for his mentorship to the young Ed Sheeran. She sang on Luke’s EP, In the Sea, and will appear on forthcoming album, released in 2020. She also has the immense pleasure and privilege of being married to Luke.




I’m continually amazed by the voice, as it is always changing and growing. Singing is a powerful path towards self-discovery and exploring what we’re capable of; voice lessons also teach discipline, allow one to express oneself more freely, and are just plain fun! My own music teachers were essential to my growth as a musician—and a person. As a teacher myself, I strive to help my students grow in technique and musicianship, but my deepest hope is for my students to find their true voice, to be brave and use it, and to shine! Whatever your experience or your goals, I create a safe space for you to play, explore, and express yourself."

Please use the contact form to inquire about availability for voice lessons or masterclasses.


“Stephanie is a wonderful voice instructor! I can already notice a significant difference in the way I approach singing. She allows you to bring your goals to the table and meets you exactly where you're at. Her price is beyond reasonable and she has been nothing but responsive and punctual. Definitely give the trial lesson a shot, you will not regret it!” — John, 25

“Stephanie has been great for me! She is passionate and encouraging and alway makes me feel good about what I’m doing and this builds me a confidence to explore what I can really do. She is always attentive to what I’m doing and always explains in a very easy way why we are doing it.” — Jana, 22

“Stephanie has been wonderful with my daughter. They definitely made a connection quickly. Stephanie is an incredible talent and I am so fortunate to have found her. Most of all, she's warm, caring. She really got to know and understand my child quickly.” — Mother of Luka, 14

Taizé services

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Stephanie has been crafting and leading alternative worship services for the last ten years. An experienced leader of Taizé Services of Prayer, Stephanie regularly leads services for various worshipping communities. Currently, the Swedenborg Chapel in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA) hosts a Taizé service every first Tuesday of the month, led by Stephanie and Reverend Sage Cole. In this 45-minute, candle-lit service, we search for communion with God through community prayer, song, and silence.

The Taizé service of prayer is a music-centric, using contemporary chants with short texts that are sung again and again, inviting individuals to meditate on the texts, deepen into them, pray through them. There is also a period of silence for personal reflection. All peoples and faith traditions are welcome.

Please contact me to inquire about hosting a Taizé service in your community.

Stephanie also serves the Mennonite Congregation of Boston as the Alternative Service Coordinator, a part-time leadership position; Hillside Community Church as Song Leader; and as a choir alum of Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church, Cambridge, MA, actively subs there as a Section leader.